Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Crunch Time

Dear Teachers,

My colleagues and I have been super busy the last several weeks planning what we hope will be some excellent PD days. We are calling it ETSI - Ed Tech Summer Institute - and since it starts on Monday, we are in Freak Out Mode right now. Especially since tomorrow we will be out of the office for the second day this week attending some PD of our own. Thanks to one coworker in particular, we just might pull this off. For a number of reasons, we haven't been able to host an event like this previously, so of course we are all a bit nervous about how things will go.

ETSI is an institute for teachers who are on the tech-savvy side, have been recommended by their principals, and who completed an online application to attend. During the three days, participants will explore models of technology integration, attend classes addressing various trends in ed tech, reflect on principals' visions for tech integration, and participate in a mini EdCamp. There will be lots and lots and LOTS of collaborative activities and use of tech tools. The tools themselves won't be the focus, though; the learning is what we'll be emphasizing. Hmmm... kind of like what we hope these teachers will do back at their schools!

Our purpose in hosting ETSI is to build educational technology leadership capacity at every campus. One of the sessions I went to today at the North Texas Visioning Consortium's conference was titled "Building Capacity through a Different Kind of Coach," and I got some ideas for how we can follow up with our ETSI participants over the course of the next year. One could say that my attendance at that session today contributed to building my own capacity as a district leader.

So, our ETSI website is done, the posters are printed, the brochures just need one final proofreading before we print them on Thursday, and the QR code confetti is ready to be sprinkled. Time is marching inexorably on toward Monday, when we will open the doors to our attendees. I'm hoping that in a little over a week, I will be able to report that a good time was had by all. More importantly, I hope we'll all be able to say that 90 teachers left at the end of the three days armed with new teaching techniques and many of the skills necessary to become even more effective tech leaders on their campuses.

Gotta go. I just remembered one more thing I need to do before Monday...



  1. The PISD EdTech Leaders are going to KILL IT next week during ESTI! It is going to be an amazing three days of head-spinning, mind-blowing excitment. Can't wait for the fun to begin.

  2. Bravo! I am convinced you can do anything!

    1. Today was so invigorating!! All the hard work put in by all shines through. Ty for helping all of us enhance our classrooms! Very much appreciated. ��