Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meet My Colleagues

Dear Teachers,

We are now halfway through the second of our "big" summer training events. We named this one "Google Summer Camp," and we have showcased some of the most [insert superlative here] of the many [insert additional superlative here] Google products. I personally don't own enough adjectives to tell you how great I think all of the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) products are! Google Drive & Docs, Google Forms & Sheets, and Chrometastic are among the classes we've been offering, and we have two of these one-day workshops to go. The enrollment for the last two days looks to be down, so we may be modifying the schedule a bit, but we are nothing if not flexible.

As I continue to reflect on this week's participants as well as those from last week's Ed Tech Summer Institute (now renamed Ed Tech Success Initiative), I am reminded of the enormous talent we have in our district. A teacher we were eating lunch with today was talking about her kids and the Cardboard Challenge they participated in last year. She noted that the students far surpassed all the teachers' expectations at that event. My cohorts in Instructional Technology and I feel the same about our ETSI and our Google Summer Camp participants. The teachers in our district continue to amaze and inspire us!

At ETSI and at Google Summer Camp, we had a whiteboard where teachers could jot down their blog addresses, and I decided I'd like to share those blogs with you. You might consider checking out the blogs of a music teacher, a principal, a 4th grade teacher, my favorite coworker, a STEM specialist, an art teacher, and another principal. Each voice is unique, and each has a slightly different focus. I noted that many of our first blog posts included descriptions of procrastinating starting a blog and fear of putting oneself out in a public forum - so those must be fairly universal reactions to the whole blogging process.

In addition to the blogger sites mentioned above, you might also want to check out some other blogs that don't end in .blogspot.com. To wit:  Conway ELA, Kindergarten Super Kids, Evans Art HouseMatt B. Gomez, and Plano Science Tutor.

I hope you'll check out the thoughts of my colleagues, because they are all worth reading. Do you have a local education blog you like? Send it to me in the comments box below - especially if I inadvertently omitted YOURS!


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  1. Thank you, Nancy! I see it's time to flesh out my next post so the title is more current. I've got a couple of drafts working, but I think that the next one will be about new teachers.

    I want to continue to commend you and the team for your efforts to make this the best edtech summer for our teachers EVER!