Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hour of Code

Dear Teachers,

This past week has been "Hour of Code" week, not only for our district, but around the world. I was proud to have played a microscopically small part in a couple of schools' events. One school in particular really went all out; you can read a couple of great birds'-eye reports of their week here and here. Our district's fabulous library systems administrator appeared in person for third graders. My brother-in-law was a great sport and videoconferenced in to a 4th grade class.

But Friday's Community Coding afternoon had to have been the highlight of the week. One of the teachers confided to me around 1:00 p.m. on Friday that she was concerned that no one would show up for the 1:30 event. She needn't have worried; the place was PACKED! It was such a gas to see so many kids showing off their new-found coding skills to their parents. It was a great example of the very best of what public school can - and should - offer to the community.

Many other schools in our district had fabulously successful coding events, too. As I told one group of 5th graders, if you're not going to be a teacher when you grow up, being a coder would be the second best job you could have.

Happy coding, everyone!



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