Saturday, July 30, 2016

What I'm Learning in My Organizational Change Class

Dear Teachers,

I'm about three weeks in to my current class, which is titled Leading Organizational Change. We have had a ton of reading, on topics that I have personally never really explored before. I'm typically a fiction reader, and I often find myself balking at having to read nonfiction. But a book that's on the required reading list for my class has gotten me thinking. It's called Influencer (by Joseph Grenny et. al.), and it addresses the six sources of influence that need to be in place in order for any big behavior shift to take place.

The six sources consist of personal motivation and ability; social motivation and ability; and structural motivation and ability.  The point of this model is that small changes *might* take place with just a couple of these influences, but big changes *must* use all six sources of influence in order to effect change. Each of us in the class had to apply this Influencer model to our own projects and present our Influencer Strategy in the way that made sense to us.

So in the interest of keeping all of you updated on my plan for Improving Digital Literacy Through Student-Created Content (or IDLTSCC, as I have taken to calling it, since it's kind of a mouthful!), here is the latest development in its evolution. I present to you (ta-da!) my Influencer Strategy. As always, I'd love your feedback on any ways I might improve my approach.




  1. Nicely done, Nancy. I am impressed with your goal and action plan. You rock!

  2. I've saved your strategy to read later. Thanks for all you do Nancy!